When is a baby born?

When is a baby born?

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Beavers are born from the head.

In the wild, beavers have a long gestation period, between three months and six months.

Beavers can survive for years without food or water.

They can live for as long as 35 years.

This is why they are so important to our lives.

But what happens to a beaver when it is born?

It is estimated that one million of these beautiful creatures are killed every year for their fur, which is used as a blanket for nesting sites.

So far, there has been very little research into the impact of a beagle birth on the animal, or how the beagle is treated.

This study, led by a University of Bristol researcher, will help to answer some of these questions.

The study was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, with additional support from the Bristol Zoo.

This article first appeared in the Sunday Times and is reproduced here with permission.

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