Why do I need to go to the gym? We have a reason

Why do I need to go to the gym? We have a reason

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By Nell JonesPublished June 09, 2018 05:24:12For some people, it’s a necessity to stay fit.

For others, it means they have to work harder.

For some, it can be a life-changing event.

For me, it was just a little bit of both.

For a long time, I was a bodybuilder and I struggled with the mental side of it.

I’d try to gain some muscle, or lose some weight, or do more cardio and then just feel tired all of the time.

It was a constant struggle.

The more I learned about the human body and what it can do, the more I wanted to do it.

It’s also why I started a gym.

The gym was a way for me to practice the things that I love most, namely working out.

It gave me an outlet to practice those things in a more productive and productive way.

I also had the ability to get away from my parents and friends.

I’d get together with some of my friends and just train, and then come home and train.

At the time, it wasn’t that fun.

We’d get into the gym and just get in shape.

But once we were out of the gym, I knew it was a lot more enjoyable.

It allowed me to be more aware of the different ways that my body can affect my life, and I felt like I was able to take more responsibility for my body.

As an athlete, it made me feel like I could really be myself.

I felt I could show people that I was more than just the size of a basketball.

I was actually quite beautiful.

As a person, I had a really strong sense of self.

I knew that I had strengths, I just didn’t know what they were.

It made me really grateful for all the help that I got from the people that helped me.