When Amazons Book Finder Goes Online (Amazon)

When Amazons Book Finder Goes Online (Amazon)

September 8, 2021 Comments Off on When Amazons Book Finder Goes Online (Amazon) By admin

Amazon Book Finder has gone online, and is now showing readers that it is now accepting book suggestions from Amazon customers.

Book Finder, a search engine for books, is available on the web and in the app, and offers a number of search options.

The search function is available in Hindi, English and Tagalog.

It is also available in Tagalog, Hindi and English, and can be used in many languages.

Bookfinder is not available on Amazon Prime, as that feature is only available in the App.

However, the company is also planning to offer a subscription service in India, which will allow users to search for books from a range of publishers, as well as authors.

Book Finder has been available in India since August 2014, when it was acquired by Amazon India.

This is the first time that it has been rolled out across the country, which is a step towards the Indian market being more open to digital offerings.

The new feature was announced at the Indian Book Festival in Delhi in July, and was widely hailed as a positive step towards giving India more choice for its books.