How to save a million pounds by eating more vegetables

How to save a million pounds by eating more vegetables

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You’ll get the idea.

If you want to save money, it’s a good idea to make a concerted effort to buy more vegetables, according to a new study.

The study, published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, examined the safety of about 6 million consumer products sold by more than 200 retailers, which included everything from shampoo to toothpaste.

According to the report, most products had a “possible exposure threshold” of less than 0.5mg per milliliter of sodium, which is roughly equivalent to 0.001mg of mercury per liter of blood.

The authors of the study did not specify what level of sodium was too much for a certain person, or if that person was allergic to sodium.

But the study authors, from Johns Hopkins University, noted that sodium is the third most common ingredient in foods.

And the authors said that the threshold for low-sodium foods is probably a lot higher than what you’ll encounter in a supermarket.

The most common risk factors for food poisoning are being in close contact with a person with food allergies, the study said.

The report did not say if the foods tested contained sodium as well.

It said that manufacturers should be careful when it comes to sodium in foods, as some products may contain it.

However, the authors noted that the findings were limited to foods with a sodium content of less that 0.1mg per 100 milliliters of blood and that sodium concentrations of about 0.03mg per liter were considered safe.