‘A lot of fun’ with new book on the history of Indigenous people in Canada, says author

‘A lot of fun’ with new book on the history of Indigenous people in Canada, says author

October 11, 2021 Comments Off on ‘A lot of fun’ with new book on the history of Indigenous people in Canada, says author By admin

In this new book, published by Simon and Schuster Canada, author and journalist Aileen Dines explores the history and culture of Indigenous peoples in Canada from their beginnings to the present day.

The title is a reference to Indigenous people being the first people to migrate to Canada, with some saying it is also a reference a story about the journey to the new land.

But Dines says the book is about a history that has been around for generations, and the story she tells about the experience of first settling in this new land is not one of a few generations getting the better of the newcomers.

“We are the people that were here when the First Nations came here and were able to make the land,” she says.

“The First Nations have been here for a long time and we’ve been the people to be the custodians.”

It is an experience Dines describes as being “the most interesting” and she says she is surprised that she was able to write the book while she was at a loss for words.

“It’s a really good book, and it’s very personal and very personal for me.

It’s about a lot of different people that have lived here and who I have a lot in common with.”

The title of her book is a tribute to Indigenous peoples and Dines has said that the book will also be used by First Nations and Inuit communities to help them understand their pasts.

Dines, who has written a number of books about Indigenous peoples, says she wrote her book to share her experiences and to share the truth about what it means to be Indigenous.

“There’s a lot that’s happened over the last 50 years, I think that we still don’t know about how to be truly Indigenous, and that is an interesting story that we have to share,” she said.

“That’s why I’ve chosen to write it as a tribute book, so that we can continue to tell the stories that we’re all part of.”

Dines said she has been working on her book for about three years, and she said it is a story that is “much more of an open book than the previous ones.”

“There are many things I don’t want to say,” she explained.

“I wanted to make it as honest as I possibly could be and that’s what I’ve been able to do.”

I’ve also had to go through a lot more of this work, to really learn about my own identity and what that is and the history that’s been told about me and what I am, so I really like that.