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Big Books is a ‘book store for the future’

August 8, 2021 Comments Off on Big Books is a ‘book store for the future’ By admin

Big Books, the online book retailer for people with disabilities, announced today that it will expand its accessibility efforts by opening an “all-inclusive bookstore” that will be accessible for all readers.

The store, dubbed “Book Bazaar,” will be available to anyone who can walk across a small stage or in a wheelchair and will include a range of book titles including: The Big Book of English Literature, The Big Ten Book of Quotations, The Great American Novel, and The Big Short, as well as an expanded selection of original comics, children’s books, and more.

The “all inclusive” bookstore will also include “the best in print and digital media,” including the book collection The Big Bazaar, and the bookshop itself.

Big Books will also launch a new e-commerce platform called BookBazaar.com, which will allow users to browse through hundreds of books and hundreds of titles on demand, along with curated reviews, a book club, and an online shop for “big books” like The Big Seven, The Book of the Month, and Books of the Week.

The launch of BookBazar, Big Books cofounder and CEO Mike D’Angelo said, is a direct response to the need for more accessibility and inclusion.

“Book Bazar will be a platform that allows readers to shop and discover for the first time the diverse collection of books that we are dedicated to supporting,” he said.

“We want our community to have access to the most amazing books, not just the bestsellers.”

D’Angelo noted that the store’s aim is to be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability, and will not be limited to “people with disabilities.”

“The bookshop will include titles like The Great British Novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, The Art of Writing, and a selection of titles that are accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities,” he explained.

“BookBazar will also be accessible by anyone who walks across a stage or wheelchair and has the right tools and the right equipment.”

According to the press release, the store will open “on January 11,” and will have a “limited number of book shelves and limited seating” at its current location.

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‘Outlander’ Star’s Book Review: ‘The Last Book’ is a Must-Read for Everyone’

July 15, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Outlander’ Star’s Book Review: ‘The Last Book’ is a Must-Read for Everyone’ By admin

Outlander author Jodi Picoult has revealed how the book will change the way you think about books and how books change you.

The showrunners shared the book review on Instagram after it was released on Thursday.

She said she loved the book.

“I really loved it,” she wrote in a message to the book’s fan base.

“I really love it.

I can’t wait to read it.

And to me, the ending is a must read.”

Picoult’s latest book, ‘The Longest Journey’, was released last week.

The series will return to HBO for its fifth season on Feb. 18.

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