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How Apple Books Will Pay $10.99 for the Next Book

August 7, 2021 Comments Off on How Apple Books Will Pay $10.99 for the Next Book By admin

Apple has just announced a new way for book lovers to book books.

Starting on March 15, all new Apple books are priced $10,99.

That price point, while slightly lower than other e-book stores, is not entirely unexpected, especially considering the company’s continued success with its iPad mini and the Apple Watch.

Apple’s Apple Books, a new online platform that launched on March 17, has since been expanded to include other Apple products, including the Apple TV, and now includes over 2 million titles.

Apple says it expects to launch over 200,000 books in 2019.

Apple Books will be priced on the Apple retail site, where you can buy new books on an as-yet-unspecified timetable.

There’s no word on when new Apple Books will launch in the US.

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