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Why I didn’t book a movie at the theatre

September 6, 2021 Comments Off on Why I didn’t book a movie at the theatre By admin

My husband and I have been friends for 10 years, but he has never seen a movie with us, ever.

My brother’s theatre is always packed and the staff always tell us, “don’t go, it’s just a theatre”.

We have had a couple of occasions when we have been there but he always gets upset because it’s like he’s the only one who hasn’t seen it.

He also said that if I booked a movie, he would have told me, “you need to go with me, you’re going to be an idiot.”

He had been told that there are some movies that are very good and will bring in a lot of money, but the people in the theatres are not always as friendly.

Theres the same problem when we’re watching a film with my husband.

He was told that this movie will be a hit and people will come out.

He has been there many times, but no one has ever been there.

When we were asked about it, I was thinking, “that’s a bad thing”.

I think its bad for our family to be told that we are not welcome in the cinema.

When I went to the theatre with my brother, my husband and my sister, the staff had been very nice to us.

They even offered to give us complimentary tickets.

But when we were going in, we were told that everyone who wanted to go in would have to pay Rs 1,000.

This is not a bad deal, but it makes us feel uncomfortable.

We were told to leave and ask the management to come to the auditorium.

My sister was very happy and said, “no, we are fine”.

But my brother and I had to pay the same amount, and we had to go through another layer of security.

We are very afraid that the staff will not be as nice to people when we return.

I am very angry with the management.

It is very frustrating.

We would love to go out with the family again, but we have to be aware that we may be seen as an inconvenience.

We are not sure if this will happen to us again.

We were told by the manager that there was nothing we can do, but there are a lot more people in Mumbai, and they are going to want to see films.


Book bags and 24-hour booking: How to get booked online for a 24-h journey

July 17, 2021 Comments Off on Book bags and 24-hour booking: How to get booked online for a 24-h journey By admin

On the 24th of February, the Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 24, 2017, decided that the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) had failed to fulfil the obligations under the Right to Information Act.

The Centre has already been making such an application to the apex court.

The court had on April 14, 2017 ordered the NSSO to file a report by April 20, 2017.

The NSSo has now said it will do so by May 10.

The NSSOC has also been asked to prepare a report for the court within two weeks of the decision.

The Supreme Court order came on a plea by the Delhi-based NGO Delhi Citizens for Free Press (DCFP).

The group had filed a writ petition in the apex Court seeking that the NSCO’s report be sent to the court for further examination.DCFP had sought that the report be given to the bench after which it could make its findings in a report on whether the NSL was followed.

The apex court had earlier said it would take the matter up with the NISRO.

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