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How Australia is becoming a ‘giant in the digital age’

July 11, 2021 Comments Off on How Australia is becoming a ‘giant in the digital age’ By admin

Australian investors have had their fingers crossed about the country’s economy over the past year, with the outlook for the country being boosted by strong consumer spending and rising economic activity.

But the signs are not encouraging, with many analysts predicting the economy will struggle to create jobs in the coming year.

“The outlook is not good,” says Mr Gudmundsson.

“People are just not going to be able to spend their money at all.”

There is also a looming tax bill, a big challenge for a country that has never had a large and sustained debt burden.

But there is also good news: Australia’s economy is growing and there are signs of recovery in the housing market, which has been hit by a downturn in the mining industry.

Here’s how Australia’s top economists see the country heading in the right direction.